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Mosaics Make Any Room Exquisite

Sun Stone Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

So many colors, shapes, and sizes. The possibilities of using mosaics in any design idea are endless. Mosaics are so versatile and easy to use, and yet they can turn a simple remodel project into a masterpiece. There are not only so many unique materials to use that you would have probably never even considered, but there are also numerous innovative ways to install tiles that will certainly set your home apart. 1.jpg

Iridescent Tile

The iridescent glass tile always looks different with a variance of colors just depending on the time of the day and lighting. It’s like a piece of artwork.


Mix It Up

Make the floor or a wall the focal point by simply using different tiles with a unique transition. If you want to go a step further, you can include hardwood into the equation. Since tile is more durable to moisture and scratches, it makes sense to use it by a door entrance, tub surround, mud room, etc.


Staggered Tile

Instead of going all the way up to the ceiling, consider adding a little contrast by staggering your tile in a unique finish. The hexagon tile make it easy to create an impressive transition, but even standard square and rectangle tiles can give the space an exclusive look with a little bit of creativity. 


Pearl tile

Pearl tile gives you a natural, from-the-earth appearance, but yet is still shimmery and gorgeous. You could use pearl for a backsplash or trip, even in a rustic setting. It can make any room look exquisite.


Accent Lines

You could make your floors way more interesting by simply laying thin strips of mosaic. It will replace most of the grout, so instead of having those soon-to-be dirty lines, they always sparkle.  Another lovely application would be as an accent, or why not a whole wall, in a shower.


Mirror Tiles

When it comes to mirror tiles, the last space people consider them for is backsplash. Just look at how pretty these tiles are. Look is not the only advantage of mirror tiles. They make the space seem much larger, and brighter if there is enough natural light to reflect. Another stunning application would be a home bar.


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